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Commercial Litigation

Attorney Mark L. Rosenberg draws from more than 20 years of experience providing Maryland and Washington, D.C., representation to resolve disputes between companies, as well as partnership disputes and intra-corporate disputes, through commercial litigation. Whether a dispute is the result of problems collecting on a contract or any other contractual matter, Mr. Rosenberg's approach to commercial litigation adheres to the following principles:

Set Goals and Build Strategies Before Beginning

Commercial litigation is time-consuming and expensive. Beginning litigation without clear direction results only in wasted money and wasted time. By first setting goals and building strategies that relate to those goals, the chances of hitting dead ends is minimized. Time and money are conserved. While goals and strategies may change as a case progresses, understanding the desired end result and planning how to get to it from the very beginning is critical.

Set Budgets

Even though predicting the full cost of litigation is impossible, because the steps taken by the opposition can be unpredictable, cost should not be ignored. Mr. Rosenberg works with clients to set realistic budgets at the beginning and provides updates along the way. He strives to accomplish these goals in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Work Efficiently

Mr. Rosenberg does not engage in techniques to extend commercial litigation. He does not engage in prolonged discovery or other pre-trial procedures when they are unnecessary. If a resolution is presented early in the process, he will pursue that course of action aggressively before proceeding to prepare a case for trial. His goal is to finish your case as soon as possible at a reasonable cost without sacrificing results in doing so.

Maintain Communication

As commercial litigation can stretch on for a number of years, Mr. Rosenberg takes great care to maintain communication. When a call is placed to Mr. Rosenberg, that call is answered. When an e-mail is sent, that e-mail is replied to. Clients remain updated throughout the process.