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Tax Law

Individuals and businesses turn to attorney Mark L. Rosenberg for Maryland and Washington, D.C., tax law representation. They turn to him because he brings more than 20 years of experience to every case he handles. Congress changes the rules every year and the Internal Revenue Service changes the ways it interprets and enforces those rules often. Mr. Rosenberg's experience goes beyond simply handling these matters on a daily basis. He served as a tax lobbyist in the major tax revision of the Internal Revenue Code in 1986, successfully getting an unprecedented amendment on behalf of the real estate businesses he represented. His depth of experience can assist clients in properly planning taxed transactions as well as resolving tax controversies.

Tax Planning

Individuals who make a significant amount of money, either on their own or through their business, have the opportunity to use tax planning techniques to minimize tax payments.

Additionally, tax planning techniques can be applied to a variety of taxed transactions. They can be used in conjunction with prenuptial agreements. Mr. Rosenberg can use his knowledge of tax law to set up the proper mechanisms to reduce estate tax.

There are a wide range of tax planning strategies, and Mr. Rosenberg takes great care to work with each client to determine which strategies are most appropriate for the situation. Some planning mechanisms are more subtle. Some planning mechanisms, such as using a home office as a deduction or moving assets, are much more aggressive. The guidance provided is always personalized.

Tax Controversies

Mr. Rosenberg assists individuals and businesses that have been contacted by the IRS about tax issues. He uses his experience and knowledge of tax law to reach efficient resolutions in these matters. He has handled several major cases in federal court involving tax issues, and has resolved numerous audit and other issues administratively with the IRS.