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Real Estate Law

Since entering private practice in 1985, attorney Mark L. Rosenberg has represented individuals and businesses in all commercial and residential real estate matters. His Maryland and Washington, D.C., representation is strengthened by his knowledge of real estate. Mr. Rosenberg owns residential and commercial properties himself, and is licensed as a real estate salesperson in Maryland. This experience has proven critical in providing results for his clients.

Real Estate Transactions

Mr. Rosenberg understands real estate transactions, not simply because he has handled them as a lawyer, but because he has been through them personally. He owns commercial properties and residential properties.

He assists companies acquiring real estate for investment purposes, including those buying foreclosures. He assists businesses buying or selling buildings, and assists individuals purchasing or selling homes.

Real Estate Litigation

In real estate disputes, as in all other types of litigation, Mr. Rosenberg sets goals and builds strategies at the very start, setting budgets accordingly and working efficiently while maintaining communication with clients throughout the process.

He is available to assist with litigation related to:

  • Commercial landlord/tenant disputes
  • Lease disputes
  • Real estate contract disputes
  • Construction disputes