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Securities Law

Attorney Mark L. Rosenberg draws from more than 20 years of experience providing Maryland and Washington, D.C., representation to assist businesses with the creation of private placement memoranda (PPM's). When businesses want to raise money in private securities offerings, there are a variety of state and federal securities statutes and regulations that must be followed. These regulations can be complex, and failure to follow them can subject the company to civil and criminal penalties. Mr. Rosenberg has the experience to make certain that private placements are done correctly at all times.

In order for privately owned businesses to bring in money from multiple private investors, a PPM can prove beneficial. A PPM is specifically suited for this purpose, because it explains the structure and terms of the investment, as well as protecting the seller from liabilities associated with selling unregistered securities.

Mr. Rosenberg takes great care to create private placements, or regulation D offerings, that are suited to the needs of the client. When a business turns to Mr. Rosenberg, he spends time getting to know how that business works, and what options are available for the business to obtain investor money. This knowledge is critical in order for him to provide powerful, personalized guidance in order to determine if a PPM is the correct step for a business to take.

Mr. Rosenberg can create private placement memoranda to obtain anywhere between half a million and five million dollars in investment money for a business. He has helped a wide range of businesses in these matters, from real estate developers to nightclubs.